Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sunday 13th lifesaving @ DCU,

Hi all, just a heads up on dry work kicking off Sunday 13th October

Check your times , 630 for 730 swim, 715 for 815 swim, 

be on time, dress suitably to roll around the floor and leave your valuables at home ! Remember we can't facilitate late comers , the venue is too big!

Existing swimmers , you know the drill, it's first night dry for our new class attendees, they take priority for one night of the year so we'll need you with your eyes and ears open to support  new starts and you'll be demoing skills and gear

It's hard to believe that we're 5 weeks back - Anyone not already registered for autumn 2019 can register for places but be aware that we've a waiting list in place 

Finally a quick and friendly reminder on drop off and pick up: 
the campus is huge shared space, please ensure swimmers are supervised until handover to instructors, 
collection is ten minutes after swim ends, if a swimmer takes longer than that to get changed they may be a little .......young for us !
A swimmer from first hour is welcome to wait on the pool bank for collection after the second swim but nowhere else. We're sorry but we are uable to childmind other siblings, relations or friends

New starts , you'll be getting your hands dirty tonight and it's going to be great!

See you in dcu)

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