Saturday, June 30, 2007

Howth Festival Lifeguards

A day in three parts - small swims early and mid afternoon and the lads tinkering with odd jobs in the boathouse

The Howth Festival has kicked off in style. With thousands of people around.

Thanks continue to be due to Fingal County Council for incredible support in cleaning the beach. It is unbelievable how much time and effort is being out in.

Some small work completed, pottering really. requests for courses continue to grow - we will be making arrangements in the area over the weekend.

AED, Lifesupport and Lifesaving demos in the Harbour tomorrow.

see you all there

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Howth Festival Preps - you involved ?

New faces on the beach this evening - a bit of craic with the reel & line and on the lifeguard ski. Final preps being made for the weekend -

Saturday - Beach 1pm (late notice small swim)
Sunday from 10 at the boathouse, from 12 at the harbour -

Monday, June 25, 2007

Irish jellyfish information

so its that time of year again when people start asking the jellyfish questions. Tell me about Dublin Jellyfish? where can I get information on Irish Jellyfish? What types of jellyfish are there in Ireland?

There have been plenty of sightings over the last week with most beaches getting a liberal spread.

Our rule of thumb is purple good everything else bad. But for more information, some fun information and great pictures check out our Dublin Jellyfish Guide - its important to take a look at the water and beaches before you get wet and report sightings to lifeguards.

if you click on the picture above zoom in on the word sthoee and you will see the stinging tentacles in glorious technicolour

have fun !

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lifeguard Reel & Line

Good pool session tonight with the reel and line put into service for the first time.

Some good team work and great take up of a very new and alien piece of lifeguard kit. Should be fun implementing it onto the beach.

Although numbers are remaining high we will be releasing places on the waiting list this week for an introduction to lifesaving pre summer - contact from Tuesday on by phone & email.
remember to stay in touch on email, text and online for all the summer events.

Upcoming events
Open Water Thur 7 Claremont
Howth Festival Sunday 12-5
DCU Pool Sunday @ 7
and the possibility of a Sat beach session

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lifeguard Rescue Boat TesB

Wet. A wet, wet, wet, wet day. Did I mention it rained?

Started off dry with a heavy front coming off velvet strand in Portmarnock. Session consisted of a long run, a swim followed by a paddle. a really good laugh despite the weather.

Tes-B made her first entry into the water with a few paddle races. Jedi stayed dry - waiting patiently for her big day out.

Leaving the beach we chatted with one of our spectators for the day, a bloke sheltering under the platform for the whole afternoon.

He reckoned the beach was poetry in motion. I'm inclined to agree

Thursday, June 21, 2007

midsummernight lifesaving

another night on the beach - poor weather cleared to give us a gray night improving into a reasonable summers evening albeit on a falling tide.

lots of ski work and back to swimming with the channel made easier to find by the new buoys.

quite a lazy night, boats stayed put.

yet again racking changed but only on a temporary basis - we are close to the end on this bit. so what was the night all about ?

well pizza for 25 people actually - ordered onto the beach

Feet up and watch the herons and the sunset. Perfect.

oh yes - step two - all attendees got a personal facemask for protection during resuscitation rescue - come September everyone gets one . Sthoee, no substitutes.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

so what's more important Bloomsday ...

...or Dublin 0-16 Meath 0-12?

Well the gang in DCU tonight with the Dublin team will leave you with do doubt!

Great weekend again - long Bloomsday Saturday on the beach with a first - both Jedi and Tes-B were on the beach.

Good work done on skis with skills work improving. Seeing 35 rescue torpedo buoys / can buoys on the beach was incredible and simply takes your breath away

Swims this week - Thur 7pm (with pizza) & Sat 3pm @ Claremount - if you need info or directions just email us at sthoee Lifeguards Dublin :

Work update: graffiti removed, racking reinstalled, beach cleaned and a mattress towed away!, its been a strange couple of swims with some strange stuff washing ashore - really really strange stuff - a few pics going up and will be linked here shortly and a here's a very short new lifeguard video !

cool jellyfish pic above = some video coming (and yes it was released)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

surf lifeguard Dublin

So we expected a quiet mid week swim, low tide.

We got more than we expected. Surf, yup surf on Claremount, on a low tide. awesome.

balance of the torps arrived this evening along with the installation of the reel & line.

There are few things more fun than a large gang of Dublin Lifeguards and lifesavers grabbing boards for an unexpected surf lifesaving session, few things more fun than an open water swim overrunning by a couple of hours, few things more fun than packing by torchlight, few things better than unpacking lifeguard rescue buoys, this swim will go down in history!

many thanks to Richard, Peter and Louise for donating gear. appreciated.

and finally a new seal on the beach. very unexpected.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

@ home

Long hot day on the beach today with some old friends dropping by.

not sure we have ever seen so many people, swimmers, skis or gardaĆ­ - in fairness I cannot believe the beach could fit so many people!

A massive addition to the photo album on > >here and lots of new swimmers

small work done on the door and tweaks around the sides. good day !

........ and perhaps a name that's sticking

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

theres no place like

Quick update

Grafitti is gone ! - its gong to be a running battle but one worth fighting.
Some sealing done around the doors and a little tweaking here and there (photos up shortly on the bebo)

Spread the word - Saturday Swim 3-6ish

& if you are doing exams - chill - we are right behind you and have saved a place on the beach for you when you are done

Monday, June 4, 2007


Well that was one busy weekend.

Congrats to those who got their award of merits, Lifesupport 3s and to Si on his Lifesaving TA.

More work on the beach today - eyewash station, v-vacs, & collars up, paddle racks up, board racks redone, most of the internal first coat and roof done.

Plan is to have one evening to tidy up the balance of the grafitti and Saturday with a "working" swim.

For everyone who assisted at the waterski session, painted - scraped - knotted and to the gang who did what we do (lifesaving) - its was one hulluva weekend.

ta !

Saturday, June 2, 2007

so what happened....

.........the weather?

long swim today, long time out on the ski in conditions best described as cloudy (live Howth weather)

Last of the new boards arrived - the sight on the water was seriously impressive.

The team did a lot more work on the beach hut - racking is about 40% complete, doors painted, some maintenance started, and about a third of the graffiti sorted.

Thanks as always to our friends in Fingal CoCo for sorting the rubbish - beach looks great

and lifeguards are on the beach... its summer... its official