Tuesday, May 26, 2009

June Bank Holiday - It's summer in case you hadn't noticed


its summer !

First things first -

Doing exams ? - Good luck, take a chill, spare lanes available during swims for chill time and when they are over we have a treat especially for you

Away for the summer or longer? - yup, ;-( , some of our friends are moving to foreign climates for short (and long) periods. Good luck, stay in touch, and you are always welcome back, we love you even if you are going into witness protection...

June Bank Holiday - no pool swim, with large events in Galway we may not make a weekend swim but stay in touch on the site anyway.

and if you are, like 90 % of the people visiting sthoee.com right now, looking for lifeguarded beaches check out the Dublin beach guide here or here .

Lifeguards are provided by local Authorities, normally weekends in June and full service in Juy and August but with tight times and reduced budgets this year there may be reduced service, check out
North County: fingalcoco.ie
City: dublincity.ie
South County: dlrcoco.ie

and everywhere else : click here

and remember

> take safety advice
> never swim alone
> learn how to help

thanks for stopping by

Sthoee Lifeguards Dublin

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dry gear access


To make things a little easier we have new secure cages in place to
protect the lifeguard resuscitation gear

Trolley one: 14 adult mannekins,

Trolley two: box babies, box juniors, babies bag, juniors bags.
Skillmeter baby skillmeter junior, choking charlie and eataloteddi

Trolley three: resusci annes, trauma Anne, arms and legs, bandages,
training first aid kits, moulage, make up and blood

Trolley four: aed training kits, black aed bag,blue "course in a bag",
power reel, skeletor (Davy), blood night support kit.

The support trolleys remain in place but need no longer travel, a hand
trolley is now available for shifting gear to cars / off site

All gear must be signed in and out

And as always - wear it out!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Update: open water sat 23rd May 2pm

NBLQ early start, anyone on courses, interviews or exams just join us


Its summer.....

Astute eyes will have seen lifeguard huts leaving their winter home on the estuary this week and moving around the county to their summer homes. This weekend also sees a lot of interviews and Lifeguard training happening.

Beach Lifeguard course continues tonight in DCU and over the weekend on the beach

Open water swim will be confirmed as soon as details available - there was some confusion as to the day ! Will update the blog this evening or as soon as confirmed.

Some background work done on gear storage over the week - you will see changes to kit storage from this weekend - all improvements :-)

We are liklely looking to put together a team of swimmers to be in charge of gear week to week to make sure there is good access to the higher end gear (when was the last time you used one of the skillmeters ! )

If you are interested mention it Sunday all hands greatly appreciated

and sthoeetxt is back shortly - b in touch !

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sea fever

That does not look too bad does it?a little rain. a little cloud, a little sun.....

Weather impacts on all our activities and watching the news is not a strong enough source for info - so what do we use?

Well for a start we would be fans of Met Eireann - this gives us a definitive and accurate source of data. So looking for today we have some serious weather to contend with :-(

But there is more - as forcasting gets more acccurate we can predict the exact imppacts on the beach - given that we have a great big hill behind us wind can sometimes be sheltered when the rest of the city is in a mess. Three great sites that are used by members are magic seaweed, wind guru and accuweather. these are great because they give specific and time based weather predictions - want to know what the wind will be like at three - check out sutton/burrow on windguru and you get everything you need to know , water state check out magic seaweed, rain - well accuweather's hourly predictions are pretty much on the money.

so how bad is today - looking out over Barnageara strand now its not great and getting worse- predications for the afternoon are bad and getting worse. Thats laymans terms. the tech.....

Met Eireann: East to southeast gales today on Irish Coastal Waters from Malin Head to Carlingford Lough to Wicklow Head and the Irish Sea north of Anglesey will veer south to southeast. 2) Southeast gales this morning on Irish Coastal Waters from Wicklow Head to Hook Head to Valentia and the South Irish Sea will veer south to southwest and increase to strong gale force.
Issued at 05:00 on 16-May-2009. There is also a blight warning (so no fish OR chips)
Meteoalarm has us at a yellow warning (low to high- white, green, yellow, orange, red)

Gale warnings make swimming unlikely even though the wind may just favour us - but we will work on gear and find somewhere dry and warm for beach lifeguards. Don't cycle anywhere today - it may just be the day to keep numbers low

how bad is a gale? - check out the lifeguard site here

and check out Sea Fever: TG4 on May 16th 2009 at 6pm

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

> Urgent: all members

Hi All, - can you please circulate this message to all sthoee people (item 3 to old members too)

1. Open Water 2pm Claremount (gear check from 1 ish)
2. Beach Lifeguard from 2pm Claremount ( beach @sthoeelifeguardsdublin.com )
3. We are looking for any photos of the 40 yamaha that you might have from the launch of Jedi (or TowB) - mobile phone pics, people sitting on it - anything that has the engine in it - please text 0861595422 / email urgent@sthoeelifeguardsdublin.com as soon as you possibly can - now or tomorrow best



Saturday, May 9, 2009

> beach lifeguard course

Remember Keiths course starts this coming sat @ 2 pm

Open water for the rest of us too !!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

> it's open water time

Open water Sunday @ 2

Call it a prequel , chill on the beach, maybe try a boat or two.
Spread the word

No Sunday night swim