Saturday, April 16, 2022

Bank holidays

We've home eating goodies for Easter, remember no bank holiday pool swims 

It's great to be finishing our pandemic interrupted term, we are gearing to everyone doing their cores again so we can finish new qualifications and are planning our covid friendly back to lifesupport with some new cutting edge equipment

We've had a few contacts, to confirm that we are finishing out the interrupted term so there are no pool fees required to the end of the term.

Have a great Bank holiday!

Friday, April 8, 2022

Sunday swims are back

We have started back at the pool, exiting swimmers just need to register to finish out the term, whatsapp 0861595422 if you need info

After registration it is VERY IMPORTANT to check the website and blog before you leave for the pool for updated information

We have the pool  - bring water

We have started plans for teachers courses and beach programme for the summer. Its good to see everyone again and continue the journey

And……. this is weird for everyone, small steps, 

For new starts we are taking registrations on the join section of the blog

n.b. please don't rely on automated emails from google/feedburner as they can take up to 24hours to arrive - check the website and blog for most current information.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Count us in ..... Pool later

UPDATE 3rd April


- check website and blog before travelling

- any covid symptoms jusk skip, no problems

- bring water!

- if you do not have confirmation by 4pm whatsapp us on 0861595422

Texts and emails going out, everyone needs to re-register, it'll only take a couple of minutes 

1130 update: all contacts issued, if you have not received one today Whatsapp us on 0861595422