Sunday, June 29, 2014

we're on the beach all summer !

That's it for the pool 'till September 

The 2014 Lifeguard postcard was posted this weekend and you should have yours in the post shortly.

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Hi DCU lifesavers
Lifesaving moves to Claremont Beach @
Howth Dart Station for the summer at 6pm Sunday July 6th  - All info is on our blog on ,always check as times /days change; bring a bright swimming cap, old runners, wetsuit if you have one; its way better than pool !

p.s. back to DCU Sept 7th @ 7 new swimmers 21nd
086 1595422

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sms/tel (+353) 086 1595422
email   (fastest during the summer!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer - pool this Sunday, Beach next Sunday

Its the last pool swim of the season and what a season it's been, we've crew and swimmers on beaches all over the planet  - we hope Summer 2014 is kind to you.

Thanks to a very special volunteer crew who make something with so many moving parts fun.  
Sunday starts 7.30 for everyone finishing 8.15 (team Richie will run onto 9)

A very special welcome this week to Isobel who arrived this week in the Rotunda, congrats to parents. We're not publishing the picture but can confirm she's as cute as hell :-)

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Beach Sunday 6th July  6-8pm; ;
   -    Open water is open for all swimmers at all levels.
   -    Claremont Beach behind Howth Dart Station
   -    All swimmers must arrive on time and stay for gear to be put away
   and remember we have ‘no hangers on’ at any sthoee sessions!

If you are contacting us during the summer, fastest responses are by email !

Get in touch to get involved
sms/tel (+353) 086 1595422

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June swims

Pool sessions for all swimmers for the next 2 Sundays 22nd and 29th
no theory unless agreed with your trainer
7.30 and 8.15 start

Open water kicks off Sunday 6th July at 6pm Claremont beach beside Howth DART station

Did you do a bronze silver or gold?
Make sure you have paid your €15 by 29/7 or you will need to re-sit it! (payment or  IOU by 29 July)

Do you get sthoeemail and text – you can register here

Dates for your fridge
June 22nd       7.30 and 8.15pm DCU
June 29th       7.30 and 8.15pm DCU
July 6th        6pm Claremont beach - Open Water (summer swims on sthoee blog)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Its June - important time changes for Sunday nights

Its June

630 start moved to 7.30 unless you are in pre-exam (630 & 7 starts)
7.30 start  - no change this week 

If you are doing your bronze silver or gold Survive and Save you can download your book here RLSS Lifesaving Awards
want a sneak preview of open water  - you can download here RLSS Beach Lifesaving Awards

Remember if you have not paid for your qualification we cannot process it ! all levels 15 

If you are away make sure you have signed up for emails >

tldr; if you abandon your kids at the door at 6.30 we will not be there !

Drowning Prevention Week