Sunday, September 30, 2007

:-) up and up

In order .......

AED - next weeks course is full !!!!! Joining details will be texted to everyone on it. If you wrote your name down we will start running a course a month until we are clear! The certified extended life support programme is going from strength to strength

ATs : changeover will be mid October

Theory: starts next week 6.30 & 7.30

Pool Lifeguard: Mid Term Break

BIRTHDAY NIGHT: we want your ideas - rookie lifeguard beach party??

Surf trip - if you are on it make sure John has your details (and your €)

Bank AT / TA : if you have not booked your course dates contact us here or speak to Kate ! ! ! !

that was a rock & roll night

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

AED and ......

another successful multiple AED today - things are really taking off ! Keith & Mark are helping local schools start their programmes - remember the demo team are available for everyone for free - so far its been schools, scouts, pools and community groups

next Sthoee autumn AED course is Sunday 7th in DCU from 2pm - attendance free to members. you can put your name down on Sunday

and speaking of Sunday - rugby .................

Sunday, September 23, 2007

ancora impara - still learning

Back to a routine - almost - good night with the balance of the team now back and firing on all cylinders

Exams next week theory back week after

Starting to put plans together for blood night and birthday night - its over to you - send in your ideas make it yours !

All volunteer staff
- The 9 club - sessions start next week - details by text this week
- if you have not given your email address for the code of ethics course to Kate please contact Kate , Michael or for course details includes all at, ta, mentors and NTA
13th Oct|27th Oct| 10th Nov|24th Nov
- Surfers speak to John about surf weekend

Sunday, September 16, 2007

and we're off

Great night - we are settled in and back to normal - assessments planned for next week

Assistant teachers: sessions agreed for the new AT moderations
AED: sessions
Sept 26th - Triple course (full)
Oct 7th : AED Full course DCU - availability
Oct 12th: AED briefing (full)
Nov 10th: AED Full course - availability
Cork sessions x2 tba

Saturday, September 15, 2007

open water

awesome day

blue skies, big group, one of those long days we had few enough of during the summer.

some exams, some skills work, some games and a lot of messing - why does summer have to be so short?

tons of pics - will upload them when theres time ! ! ! ! !

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Project AED: Saving Lives with Apache Pizza

supported by the Dublin Lifesaving & Lifeguard Club (us!)

The Big News - during the summer we have been working with Apache Pizza to develop their AED project - we want to get AED into community venues and support the programme with our AED training programme

Check out the Apache Pizza Website to find out more about this great community initiative HERE

What can we help with ?
1. Demonstrations of Lifesupport and AED for your community group, committee either at your venue or come to us in DCU or at many locations nationwide
2. All the assistance you need to put your AED programme in place with full support and guidance
3. Certified Courses for community groups
4. Public awareness sessions

The generous sponsorship programme from Apache will spend over two million euro putting essential equipment into the community throughout Ireland

If you know of any school/club in the area that would be interested in getting involved in our program for saving lives in the local community ask them to contact us through or call into your local store.

We want to install 150 defibrillators per year all over Ireland.

Our program should last at least five years at a cost of in excess of 2.2 million.

apache locations nationwide

Sunday, September 9, 2007

- Membership - Good news

We'll we are back firing on all cylinders none of the magic is missing. Welcome back one and all - we will work on pool only basis (except Paul's group) until October.

Unfortunately we now have a clear picture on numbers and have no availability for new members but read on ........

We have made a decision on this and will be launching Sthoee3 a specialist awards based lifesaving class running alongside the usual Sunday Sthoee lifeguards Dublin on Sunday Nights in DCU. From October waiting lists members will have the opportunity to join this lifesaving group and train to Bronze medallion level giving you the skills that will allow you to integrate into the standard lifesaving sessions as space becomes available. You will also get full membership benefits including alumni status for courses.

This will take a little organising at our end to get our "ducks in a row" as it were so we are aiming for a full launch Sunday October 6th. information will be here, in the post, on the website as it is confirmed.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience - we are all amazed by the success of what is essentially a small voluntary lifesaving and lifeguard club

Open water swim - all members - Claremont Howth Saturday @ 1pm
too tired to fill you in on AED - more this week

Saturday, September 8, 2007

online lifesavers

we've had a busy couple of days on line -the busiest ever.

40,000 and counting (nearly 41,000) mainly from Google but we have about 6 big referrers

Our stats are based on the three sites, our bebo and the blog. The other two sites on line are not tracked as we don't update them - but they are cool to keep up not least because one of them was the first Irish Lifesaving site on line over a decade ago.

anyho - some stats on the site - is most popular with average visit time a shade over 5 minutes - very long by any web standard

where do they come from? In order of popularity Ireland, USA, UK after that it varies Germany, Australia, Canada, Poland, China, Philippines, France, Argentina, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Belgium, Kenya, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey and Portugal all made a visit this week - all continents feature regularly.

We regularly get asked for guidance on anything from AED to qualifications. Sometimes we get old members stopping by.

Site is due a couple of big refreshes - a maintenance update is overdue, a big upload of pictures and after that its up to you - what do you want ? email or bebo suggestions

big open water next weekend and AED announcement tomorrow

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Membership Update

We are getting multiple reminders on membership - we are unlikely to have word until Saturday - apologies - even volunteers need downtime

We are looking at all options open to us and and have some imaginative solutions to our ever increasing popularity

Sunday, September 2, 2007

normal service has been restored

Those of us around long enough remember when first night was not so hectic.

First of all welcome back its great to see everyone in good form - we have a great season planned with loads of new extras. stay tuned!

Membership: we have done the tallys and it looks like we will have a very restricted entry for new members - we will do the math and update the blog during the week.

Assistant Teachers start moderations shortly - if you don't know what team you are on shout
Team Shark Sept 16th
Team Piranha Oct 14th
Team Stingray Nov 11th
Team Merlin Dec 9th

Open water to be announced but it looks like Sat afternoon - have a great week and keep in touch in the meantime check out the new and improved Dublin Beach guide

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