Monday, February 25, 2008

Last call for Pool Lifeguard

Apply by Sunday - after that we are opening up the course !

congrats to the distinctions

and for anyone that needs a smile .....

click here

Sunday, February 10, 2008

what were they up to ?

New graphics always means we are up to something - (guilty as charged more in two weeks)

good night all round tonight - the new assistant teacher team (AT) are beginning to make some of us dinosaurs obsolete ;-)

those of you with eagle eyes will have seen new heads and lungs going into some mannequins and a few new faces in the family of resus mannequins - that was only the first instalment - more next week.

Pool Lifeguard, beach Lifeguard, AED courses and Lifesaving TA being put to bed this week - all in all its kinda busy

congrats to the Award of Merits yesterday too

another AED installation this week - right beside us as it happens pics and a new Apache AED section are in the works - remember if you know of anyone who wants assistance with AED just contact us on

or just click the graphic