Friday, August 31, 2007

Joining Sthoee

Over the weekend we have been contacting everyone who has been asking to join. Three things you need to know if you are interested in joining

1. we're sorry - we've never had a year like it for space - if you've been waiting sorry there was simply nothing we could do

2. We are opening for existing members this weekend and new members next week with whatever space there is available

3. our phone is playing up but we are working on replying to phone calls, post, email and sms messages this weekend - if you have not heard from us and were expecting contact get in touch

we will be updating constantly this week - everything we know - as we know it will be on and on our blog and bebo site

sthoee 2.0

Hi folks

very conscious that we have promised to make a flickr account available for easy sharing of pics - its now live under sthoeelifeguardsdublin on - if (as I do) you find yahoo accounts an absolute pain feel free to email pics and video to

google groups account also live - mail for info

we'll take it from there

Thursday, August 30, 2007

the end of the day

well the nights, its the time of year when the night swims get short, perhaps too short.

coming off the beach brought back memories of the old days when we would be packing cars in the dark and heading back home for unloads in the pitch black autumn nights.

jump forward to tonight and what we did on the beach

1. pre-season registrations
2. ski work
3. skim boarding
4. h2open (open water lifesaving)
5. voice overs and filming for lifeguard TV
and some fun with an underwater camera

somehow I think that these are the good old days that we will look back on - its been a pretty amazing season

exams over the next couple of weekends maybe a few bbqs

back to the pool Sunday - remember you must be there to hold your space

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

oh and...

we hit 50,000 visitors this week

Dublin Beach Guide

The Dublin Beach Guide has had many versions on the various websites but is getting a facelift using google earth starting this week. Users of maps will have seen a certain shipping container appear both on the satellite pics and as a graphic using 3d drawings.

anyho - the new one is in test and you can get a first look here Dublin Beach Guide Live

View Larger Map or
view beach guide online here

only one beach matters this week - see you there for 7 Thursday
and Pool on Sunday for existing members
TA, AT and the new assistant teacher panel are invited for a short chat in the syndicate room from 6.30 members reg shortly after in the foyer

one hell of a winter season planned - wait till you see the plan !

new member registration Sunday 9th

Thursday, August 23, 2007

hmmmm vroom vroom

So we took J.e.d.i. out last Sunday and the weather was the same as launch date but tonight.....

flat water.

Team did swims , rescues and lift outs, some low key ski work and in alternating groups , in a clear bay we got to see what J.e.d.i. is made of.

And we were not disappointed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Howth sunset

sometimes we have nights when everyone arrives in good form, perhaps a little giddy and its not unlike lighting the fuse on dynamite.

skimboards out - not exactly rescue gear but sometimes you just gotta have a little fun on a beach. games, challenges, sprints and skims.

good laugh

Monday, August 13, 2007

check your post

Its that time of the year again - rereg

You should all have received a copy of the sept 07 reg form in the post this week - please read it carefully its important that you follow all the instructions on it carefully in particular that you MUST be down on Sept 2nd to keep your place - remember we do not reserve places

New members will be welcome on Sept 9th - we will be in contact with everyone who has been in touch about joining too.

remember we are oversubscribed every year and this year we were unable to tackle the waiting list in any meaningful way if there are problems (broken leg, brain surgery etc is a good reason) get in touch before the end of August. Please contact Mark / Michael @ info or visit the website

Open water swimmers - you can preregister at certain swims - your forms must be in an envelope for this

August 2007 - prereg at certain H2Open events
2nd September - member registration
9th September - new member registration

Its going to be a great year

Lifesaving Courses
First Aid courses
Project AED - all members
Pool Lifeguard Courses
Beach Lifeguard - Early 2008
Assistant Teachers Programme
Powercraft - rescue boat training

trainers - loads including
Lifesaving Trainer assessor
Pool lifeguard TA
Specially safe

Warning in effect Small Craft Warning in effect

Thursday, August 9, 2007

a non standard, standard swim

A good session, sprints, long paddles interlaced with sprints, running, swimming, swimming sprints, girls v. boys races and some down time on the ski.

An incredible evening with a staggering sunset but the early signs of dark evenings......

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

double ae d-day

double aed day - two lots trained up, some chill time checking out what exactly we want to do to upgrade tes'b and some time getting up to date on paperwork with the assistance of some volunteers

we'll chalk today up as a success

swim tomorrow who-ho

those snrs out this weekend enjoy, those doing next week... enjoy - everyone else we have a plan for the island ..................... keep in touch


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Launching day - Lifeguard Style

we agreed no speches. just a large bottle of fizzy wine, two boats, a beach a lifeguard club.

The line was simple - two working rescue boats no more no less.

j.e.d.i. and Tes-B after a liberal dose were put though their paces in conditions best described as ........ fun. more to follow

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nunc est bibendum

it may not have been the best evening all summer, it may not have been the highest attended, it may not have been the clearest view, best sunset, cleanest water, everyone may not have been smiling..... just seemed that way

The soon to be named J.e.d.i. had her outboard go through its final tests - green light.

so there we are - we said that the big job could be done in little steps and little steps we took. one after another until we reached tonight.

Session started with some final mods to the ramp and J being brought to the water for on trailer tests and some tweaks on trim.

Swim group did short sprints at the back of the harbour and did a run swim run to the wreck (nessie) had a good root around and paddled to Burrow (hole in the wall)

Run swim run back to the boat with a short break for a waterfight. well you have to. really you do. really.

boat prepped and cleaned for her big day out and brought back to the boathouse.

see you Sunday,

its been a long time coming.

Nunc est bibendum

Warning in effect Gale Warning in effect

Warning in effect Small Craft Warning in effect