Tuesday, July 31, 2012


No bank holiday swim.

Next swim Tuesday 720 for 730 swim

May be a kit session on beach Monday,  check back for info

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dublin’s only lifeguard dog

Meet Cleo Dublin's only lifeguard dog

Visitors to the beach will be used to see her wearing her bright orange lifejacket, she never hits the water without it

Tuesday 25th – Board meeting On one of the wettest and coldest July evenings in memory we split into two board groups with every board we have wet. A sea of yellow against a grey sky and sea. Hand & paddle skills were worked on. Some impressive noobs on the water

Weather: foul, heavy rain, Tide: low, flat calm Wildlife: light scattering purple jellyfish, dog

Next swims Saturday – Beach Lifeguard (contact your TA) Sunday @7

Just a note, the ski, lovingly known as the ugly one, was formally retired this week(with a sledge hammer). Already tired when it joined us 5 years ago we made a decision that the money and time required for on-going repairs was just too great. Heavy in the water, clumsy to steer, useless for towing, leaked like a sieve, uncomfortable with the hydrodynamics of a cavity block were some of its better points but for all this it was incredibly photogenic. It served its time well and will be replaced at the end of the season by another first in rescue boards in Ireland, something very special - more soon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

six years on.......

Six years ago we moved out of St Pauls Swimmimg Pool.

Sthoee started there over two decades ago when staff there wanted a different approach to lifesaving for Dublin Lifeguards.

Who would have thought it would be good for us moving our lifesaving classes deep into North Dublin.  

these were the thoughts at the time

Great team,  great pool.

wanna get involved ? apply Lifesaving and lifeguard classes in Dublin  ring 08651595422,  text 0861595422 or email

next swim Tuesday 730

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Sthoee idiots guide to jellyfish as food!

Next swims;Tuesday 7.30, Sunday 29th 7pm, Tuesday 7.30
If you are not getting sthoeetext email us on text@sthoeelifeguardsdublin.com or text us on 0861595422

in the shops
 Step one: dunno if our jellyfish is edible so we buy it. Its readily available in shops. We generally use the instant variety because we have no patience.
(all jellyfish is edible, some only once!)
ready to eat instant jellyfish
its not that pretty, it comes in brine . it looks like , well shredded jellyfish. its faitly tasteless and odourless , to make it palatable it needs flavourings. today we had spicy and salty. not altogether bad

ready to eat
This is what it looks like dressed and ready to eat

one small step for mankind 

yup, didn't go down too well

seriously you eat this crap on the beach?

Good surf ski skills session and swim with trainees using paddle-boards and both ling and kneeling on the ski. first raft up and transfer at sea. Ideal conditions on a busy beach.

see you all Tuesday 7.30

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Irish Lifeguards EAT Jellyfish

At tomorrows swim we will have something unusual - real edible Jellyfish.

Will you be brave enough to try it ?

Next swims;
Sunday 22nd 2pm
Tuesday 7.30
Sunday 29th 7pm
Tuesday 7.30

If you are not getting sthoeetext email us on text@sthoeelifeguardsdublin.com or text us on 0861595422

Last Text
sthoeetxt: swims sunday 22nd 2pm sun 29th 7pm tuesdays 7.30: real edible jellyfish on the beach tomorrow  - dare you try it? info on blog on www.sthoee.com

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lifeguards: When the right thing to do is the wrong thing to do?

We train Lifesavers and Lifeguards – so what’s the difference?
A lifesaver provides assistance wherever they happen to be, a lifeguard provides assistance in a dedicated place be it pool or beach

An article on the BBC shows what can happen to a lifeguard when they operate outside their area of responsibility or “zone”. In the article “Florida lifeguard fired for helping drowning man“ they tell the story of beach lifeguard Tomas Lopez who was sacked after helping save a man in trouble in an unguarded area of the beach. You can read the article here.

If you want to become a lifeguard or already are one this is worth discussing.

Why the issue?
If a specific area is Lifeguarded we might expect that the levels of personnel / equipment are agreed in advance. A lifeguard leaving their area of responsibility reduces the levels of cover available. An example of bad lifeguard practice might be if they snuck off to the shops while they were supposed to be on duty.

Planning for eventualities
We would expect that their training and written instructions, known as normal operating plans (NOPs) and emergency operating plan (EAPs), would state what they should do. For example after a rescue a Lifeguard may be committed to providing aftercare and would not be watching their zone, is there a mechanism for covering them. In this circumstance it might state what to do if an incident occurs outside the rescue zone. Might it include engaging the Coastguard or RNLI Lifeboat.

Is it any different if they are outside their zone doing a rescue?
If the area being protected by the Lifeguard is compromised is there is a threat to water users? That’s the issue here

Think of it this way; a lifeguard in a swimming pool leaves to assist a collapsed person in a shop next door and while they are away someone gets into difficulty in the pool.
To encourage debate think about other possibilities say
- A lifeguard on Claremont Beach attending a rescue on Ireland’s eye

So who is in the right?
It’s hard not to support the employer, Ellis & Associates. They employed the Lifeguard to do a job at a specific place and time. But it’s impossible not to have sympathy for a lifeguard who rescues someone.

Tomas, without question, is the lifesaver you want if you are in trouble, is he the lifeguard you want on your beach?

Let the debate begin

next swim
Saturday 2.30 Claremont Beach
Tuesday 7 Claremont Beach

Fixed: lifeguard Beach safely sign

Am promised!

Loads of beach photos coming in,  we'll start loading them all up this week

Next swim 230 Claremont Beach Howth

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What colour lifeguard flag?

Walkers and swimmers in Claremont beach Howth today did a double take on the new and improved signage.....  as rolf says..  Can ye see it yet?

Quiet swim on a wet,  blustery and cold week night. 

Big difference to the Howth triathlon numbers at the weekend.

Next swim sat 2.30,  beach lifeguards have a separate timetable

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Swims and pictures

We're back to the beach Tuesday 3rd at 7 pm
....... and on Saturday at 230

Remember you need a brightly coloured swimming cap