Sunday, June 28, 2020

Lifesaving @DCU, @Claremont beach Howth, @home

Hi all, 

We've written and held back communication after communication, week after week, for some time now.

This has been an interesting time for many of us and , for others, unspeakably sad. So many of our current and past members are in front line professions. It has been humbling to hear stories. 

Many reached out to sthoee during the period of lockdown, you will be happy to hear the crew have continued to meet up online weekly plugging into sthoee crew as far afield as Australia and the States. And we have had many online sessions including a memorable online pizza party on three continents to celebrate Richard's engagement (congrats!).

Beach Lifeguards had qualifications extended and we are now moving forward on a couple of fronts.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing plans but, as you can guess, there are very real logistical challenges.

So there are a few housekeeping things we need to start with.

First of all we need you to be sure you are on the public mailing list. If you received this by email you are,  just sit tight.

If not  please register on the blog (link below) [mailings are cross published on the blog to if you choose not to subscribe]

In the next  week or so we will be issuing a questionnaire to  gather your thoughts around some ideas / plans we have and to give you the opportunity to ask questions and develop our (and your) ideas together with your input. 

We have a clear idea of where we want to get to but this will be a collective journey

The other important thing is to only take sthoee information from formal communication from us. All events , meetups and start up information will be published publicly, nobody will receive information from any other source. Promise.

Stay safe, swim on lifeguarded beaches, wear a mask, wash you hands

Look after yourself, your loved ones and your community

Game on

Get in touch to get involved

whatsapp us here
sms/tel (+353) 086 1595422

for course registration, waiting list and joining info please click on the join section on the blog!