Sunday, January 27, 2008


great night - all the bags fixed, washed and the mannekins looking somewhat refreshed - full new set on order too!

thanks to everyone who did work this week - everything looks great

original sthoee crew met up this weekend and send their regards . plan is to have an open water open day later in the year

lots of stuff happening in the background - anyone with a flair for design - we might have an opportunity for you !

great to have Peter back - mentoring the new crew - bank looking good.

keep up the good work

Monday, January 21, 2008

gear, pants, and wally hats

Its that time of the year - we go though the gear and people get giddy

For the record yes we do use comfort on the mannequin clothing (people would not believe it last night) and

IF ANYONE can help us source an underwater rugby ball (I didn't think they existed either) or can make suggestions on suitable water pistols (are there unsuitable ones?) we're all ears

as for the lifesaving pants pictured....... no

wally hats anyone ?

courses - we go public next weekend so get your name in - Pool & Beach Lifeguard, Lifesaving TA

On this weeks "to do " list
- iron the baby grows
- buy two heads
- get coloured mannequin
- get a tailor to sew a grab bag
- and dry clean the mannequin bags

you could not make this up

..... what a hobby, golf seems like sanity

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lifeguard Courses in Dublin

Rock & Roll

Courses up Pool Lifeguard Easter , beach lifeguard Feb, Lifesaving TA March

Gear upgrade started - thanks to everyone who helped pulling stuff apart - new toys arriving from now and yes we will give serious thought to water pistols (try and stop us) and volley balls

great to see Peter on the bank with the highest attended banks sessions we have ever had

priority to sthoee bods and alumni on the lifeguard courses - get in touch ! email

And if you are looking for a new reg form CLICK HERE

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dublin Lifeguard Courses Announced

Thanks folks - staff meeting tonight - some changes to lanes and a whole new team of AT's on the bank. back to normal times from next week

apache vouchers are back - want half price pizza - vouchers @ €6 available at the door from next week

the noticeboard has moved - its now on the second entrance into the gym - courses up from this week
  • Lifesaving TA (+ multiqual) Easter
  • National Pool Lifeguard Award (NPLQ) Easter
  • Beach Lifeguard (course 1/08) Weekly starting Feb 24th
  • AED next course names will be published on the board this week
  • AED Project 41 - Michael / Simon
  • Cork Courses & Update by invitation (email)
lots of project work happening if you are interested in helping or getting involved contact.....
  • Kit & Kit renewal programmes - Simon & CiarĂ¡n
  • Boat Programme (ISA / RLSS) Joe / Keith
  • Claremount - John / Mark
  • CW & Certification - Kate
& staff remember we need your certs next Sunday !
next BIG exam night Feb 17th

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Check your post

OK no more talk of turkey

its 2008 and we have a lot of work to do

In the post today is the (late) term application - as you know we are already into T2 but we hold off the paperwork till after Christmas being the nice people that we are!

Included in this mailing is a new form for completion by your guardians / parents (or you if you are 18+). This is essential for everyone and is compulsory from 2008.

Staff - there are some changes happening affecting us all (all good) MC will be in in contact and will speak Sunday otherwise speak John, Mark or Kate

we will be looking at lanes again for new members on Sunday week - obviously we don't expect much movement but where we can we will be back filling.

thats about it - too cold for surfing this weekend so feet up and see you all in the pool Sunday

take care and look after yourselves

p.s. anyone who did a Christmas swim but did not get their santa seal MC will have them Sunday ;-)

p.p.s latest AED and some new pics up this weekend