Wednesday, October 30, 2013

......... Its coming........

We have an adjudicator

We have a governor

Birthday is coming


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bank Holiday

Its the Bank Holiday and we're not at the pool

Back to DCU Sunday 3rd November for our birthday month. 

Be on time or lose out!
Its important to arrive on time to lifesaving, if you turn up late you may have to miss the entire session, or the teacher may fill your space with someone else. 

We have a huge number of people trying to join... your space us not reserved - use it or loose it. 

lots of the crew are heading off for a well earned break for what is their first swim of the the next Open Water season. Winter board work is not for everyone but where would you rather be up to your neck in surf off Donegal or in a shopping centre?

plenty more pictures of blood night to follow

This November  it'll be the first time many of you get to meet the little guy , he only turns up once a year.......

Enjoy the bank holiday, 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Blood Night

Hi all,

Myself and Richard would like to thank everyone for last night for all the help with blood night.

Looking trough all the videos that I took last night, there are a lot so it will be a while before I get them edited but I have some pictures for you's, some pretty good injuries.

Also thanks to the bodies who came up extra early and gave a dig out with the decorations and stuff.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

I went to lifesaving and all I got was......

...... a severed arm, bruises, burns , breaks, and the living bejazus scared out of me

Blood night is tonight, a positively ghoulish night of first aid and casualty simulation.

How to treat a vampire bite? Attacked by a zombie? Difference between a lifeguards emergency first aid kit and a vampire emergency kit?

important lifesaving skills like zombie invasion planning, different vampire bites, triage and injury assessment - werewolf or zombie?, pĂșca or ghoul?

We've gallons of blood, wads of fake flesh, fake injuries, and a cast straight from the hammer house of horror.

Dress to unimpress, it's a night for old clothes...... crucifixes, silver bullets and wooden stakes.

Do not be late.
Do be afraid,
be very afraid

Get in touch to get involved
sms/tel (+353) 086 1595422


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Important Lifesaving Dates at DCU

20 October - Blood Night 6.30 & 7.30 start
Bank Holiday - no swim
3 November - Birthday night, we are swimming 6.30 & 7.30 start

This Sunday its blood night  - over the last few weeks your teachers have been going through how to deal with first aid situations like bleeding, burns and breaks, this week we take it up a level. You will get the chance to "blood up" and create wild and wonderful injuries to treat. Its a magical evening where we have a ghost over the pool, a skeleton and loads of fingers, arms and eyes

its lifesaving like nowhere else !  

Picture of the evening will be available for download from here

remember  to WEAR OLD CLOTHES and bring swim gear - this is not the night for light colours or your Sunday best

Come on time  - if you are late you will not be able to go into your dry class 

If you are squeamish or scared don't worry we'll have non ghouls there too

CREW its an early night  - Richie and Niall will be in contact (5.30)

We have special updates starting this week too where all 20 of our crew will be updating you on what the classes are up to , what's being covered and what's next. keep in touch

waiting to hear information on joining? sorry about the delay in getting back. we will be in touch this week. We will sort everyone. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

earlier start time this Sunday

This Sunday we move to our winter timetable

come for 
6.30 for 7.30 swim
7.30 for 8.15 swim
(late crew swim)

be afraid ready
Its important to come on time, teachers will be starting on the first aid skills you'll need for over 100 zombies and vampires that will require treatment on Blood Night. They'll be walking the halls in just a few weeks 

All swimmers will also be getting their goal swim cards - what's your challenge this term? 

We've some good news as we welcome Mark and Dylan to the Crew. Over the last year they have excelled at Sthoee. Their contribution to make what we do look effortless has been fantastic, the whole crew are delighted to have them on board. At 16 Dylan is the youngest crew member we've ever had. 

deck notes 
Driving - you can get a DCU car park pass  for €10 at reception 
+ have an inhaler, meds or epipen? - we'll be in touch this week 

If you are interested in joining or doing a course with us you need to register !

online applications: register here
text / call     086 1595422
visit             DCU Sport Pool, Collins Avenue/Ballymun Road Sundays@ 7, Sept-June

Sthoee  - 21 years making waves