Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sthoee Lifeguards Dublin Website is back

Thanks for you patience - our website is back up , some of the content is a little old and will be fixed this week,

New Members - its all there , all you really need to know is
Yes, 8 years old and up
Yes, we have teenage groups
Yes, You must be able to swim 2 lengths
Yes, its good fun
Yes, we do age appropriate groups
Yes, we are the best equipped Lifeguard unit in Ireland
Yes, we have a troll as a mascot - you can mail us or text us on 0861595422 , for the Autumn swims

Members - open waters scheduled for August including assessments and BBQ.

and the site - we were hacked, supposedly by an eastern bloc country , not sure, about 500 files from the original lifeguards Dublin site are back but the photo albums and some ancillary stuff will be off for a while, the plan is to rebuild using something else .......... one day at a time

its good to be back !