Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sea Lifesaving

diary date - beach - everyone
sun - sand - sea - sth2oee

Last Pool Swim 
Sunday 30th June @ 7.30

Register on this page for email updates  - swim venues & times change through July and August 

Only get your information from, sthoee facebook, sthoee blog or from 0861595422. as the blog updates you can link to the open water lifesaving homepage here if you want

Keep your eyes on the post for a card from the beach this week

Do I need to sign in? Yes, everyone signs in 
what should I bring ? brightly coloured swimming cap, booties or old runners and swim gear
Is a wetsuit necessary? no, bring one if you have one, if you have two bring both
what should I expect? swimming, lifesaving rescue gear, paddle boards, surf ski and Rescue SUP
All ages? Yes, if you are sthoee you are in
Pick up and collection times? normally 1.5 hours after swim time. Crew will tell you on arrival. All must stay to the end of the session to "rack & pack"

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Jellyfish in Dublin - a midsummers night guide

become a lifesaver / lifeguard  click here or email us here or call us on 0861595422  - training for ages 8-11, 12-16, 16-18 and 18+

We get a good variety of jellyfish on view on the beaches, our guide to types of jellyfish in Ireland is detailed, but if you want to teach the kids the basics about Jellyfish in Dublin it is really quite simple......

Beware of Jellyfish B.O.B.
Look out for jellyfish with all of your might,
If they’re Purple or White – you should be all right.
But if bob is about, that’s Black, Orange or Blue,
you've got to keep clear or they might just sting you.

Parents Jellyfish Quick Guide
- BOB bad - blue orange black.
- Jellyfish have a shiny side and a business side so
- always be aware that if you see  Black, Orange or Blue their singing tentacles can extend for a massive distance (especially orange)

If you see an unusual Jellyfish why not send us a picture and we’ll publish it!
try  include something so we can gauge size!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

June Swims

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We're at the pool all Sundays in June . No theory so see you there from 715
2nd Hour  - masterclassses  for the next two weeks  - 7.30 kick off 

Open water for everyone kicks off Sunday nights in July on Claremont Beach -  info here or on the tab at the top of the page

you can ring us on 0861595422 or email us here 

 An raibh tĂș sa ghaeltacht ? no problem we'll be swimming all summer  - just plug back in when you are back 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

even the Lifeguard Dog on the beach knows .... its open water time

lifeguard dog cleo  
on Claremont beach
H2O13 - Sthoee Lifeguards Dublin
Our Open water and Dublin Sea Swimming Programme 
two decades and growing

This blog entry is a formality. Its not as if we have not been swimming in the sea since November! 

Winter series, surfing and beachlifeguard have changed our approach but....
The crew had BBQ and its decided  - open water is starting for everyone

The best lifeguard gear in Ireland, available for all lifesavers and trainees, we even guarantee sunshine
this sunday .... Peter lifts the lid........

Sea swimmming, still water rescue, all the gear....

AED & Beach lifeguard courses.... mail us here 

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