Sunday, September 28, 2014

w4 - welcome to induction !

we have all the swimmers in place , tonight's parents induction

you'll get to meet the crew , our designated liaison and child welfare as well as seeing the place.

its an important night, we have an open deck, meaning that you can visit any time but tonight we have dedicated time to spend with you

we look forward to meeting you all

and if you don't know your way around or need to get a car park pass , come early

theory kicks off next week  - pool only this week )

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

w3 . noobie night important info for existing swimmers

Hi all,

Important information for everyone on noobie night .

As we will be welcoming new swimmers for swim tests this week there are important changes for existing swimmers.

At this stage you should be finished with registration and have a swim card.

If you have not yet been down or have not been through registration in the last three weeks  it is important that you contact us before Friday so we know you are due.

We may (and probably will) ask people who have not been down to wait until until we have assisted new and registered swimmers.

If you have a sibling or friend who wants to join please register on the join tab above so we can make contact with you before Sunday.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lifesaving Classes in Dublin - limited availability this September

Existing Swimmers back to pool 7th and 14th September  -remember we have no theory till October
Swims 730 & 815, crew & lifeguard swim @ 9
Existing swimmers registration from 7

We have beach assessments next weekend  Make sure to contact your coach this week .

not been through re-registration? its simple, we refresh our joining, med and contact information for all swimers over the first two weeks of pool. it important that you contact us on one of these two nights as we open up any free space for new swimmers from week 3  - can't make it - GET IN TOUCH 

have a new start  who wants to join? new starts 21st September contact us about joining 
email -
text/ring 0861595422.

 let us know if they are a sibling of an existing swimmer !!

or you can complete our online registration 

more info on what we do is herehere and here


Get in touch to get involved
sms/tel (+353) 086 1595422