Saturday, November 10, 2007

Code of Ethics: completed and repeated

Many of the team have been attending Code of Ethics courses over the last couple of weeks - with such a large support team (and compulsory attendance) there has been some serious effort put in to get everyone on courses. another nine completed and repeated today

Remember if you are an AT, a TA, mentor or NTA you must hold the cert

questions or not on a course yet speak to Kate M.

cheers to our friends in Fingal County Council for their continued support and sponsorship of this programme.

keep up the good work

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

pics up 9.45

Beach, gear, festival, birthday night, blood night just to name a few - from 9.45 on the pictures section of Dublin Lifesaving @

have pics ? send them in

oooops theres hundreds of them - taking a little longer than thought to compile

Sunday, November 4, 2007

still crazy after all these years

That was fun! Birthday night egg-travaganza

From the giant screen projecting the best of season 15 pictures the size of a house to gazillions of helium balloons and party packs stuffed with goodies including the new personal safety kit

The night kicked off with each group on the tiered seating for competitions involving building a first aid kit blindfold with hands behind your back ........ strange and funny in equal parts

not forgetting a giant balloon bridge , part one of the birthday competition and towB's annual visit

Its important to thank everyone who puts this show on the road - particularly the 27 member Trainer assessor and assistant teacher team - the work that it put in week on week by this volunteer team is awesome and is very special to be part of. (not least putting together 150 grab bags and first aid kits)

Big thanks to each and every one of you

lots of the stuff we did tonight was new thats what makes it such craic.

photos up this week including that awesome towB one - stick a comment on the bebo and remember to win NEXT week you need to assemble your personal safety pack

everything has to fit in the container and on presentation on Sunday you get an entry ticket
##again thanks its been an amazing sixteen years

still sane !

Saturday, November 3, 2007

we've never tried this before

I want it known we've never tried this before.

mix a lifesaving club's birthday night tiered seating helium baloons, more goodies and spot prizes than we've ever had

sneak preview of the birthday posters .........

when you arrive tomorrow ................


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Birthday weekend

start spreading the news - we're sixteen this weekend

this sunday you only have to turn up to have the chance of winning a sthoee hoodie, a wetsuit sthoee caps

everyone gets a resus face shield
everyone gets a sthoee goody bag

and the birthday poster is awesome

wear your surf clothes - dress to impress