Sunday, October 21, 2007

blood night !

magic - over 100 ghouls wandering around DCU

limbs hanging off, blood oozing, eye popping, seeping sores, bruises, bones and everything in between.

magic blood night thanks to Keith and everyone who put it together - and even more important those who tidied up

No swim this Sunday - (bank holiday)

and the week after - on November 4th

Birthday Night '07
wear your surf clothes
we're having a party

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bloodnight 2007

The week before Halloween join us for an evening of blood, guts and gore sthoee style We’ll show you how to make up and treat wounds, seeping sores, bruises and bloody cuts, chopped off bits, burns, breaks and all sorts of nasty ugly injuries...........

......... and if we have time we might even show you how to fix them......

Wear your oldest clothes so they can get good and messy and we will supply everything else

Monday, October 15, 2007

dig out your old clothes - might be some ghouls around Sunday....

classes now settled with some shuffling around in the second session to better use space.

might be a very big surprise on Sunday ;-)

TA course now in plan for Christmas

after the swim Sunday some of the founder members met up to catch up on old times - the old guard say "hi" and wow at all the successes

.....dig out your old clothes - might be some ghouls around Sunday....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lifesupport - in the community

As part of project AED and the Apache Pizza Community AED programme we host and run introduction to Lifesupport sessions with community groups

Today saw us work with 25 people from yet another local school (Donneycarney) to introduce lifesupport and community AED

The session was well attended and had double the expected attendees - not only that after finishing the one hour session we offered the attendees the chance to hang on after and do more hands on work - no one moved !!! The more of these sessions we run the better the response.

The awareness sessions (soon to be known as radar sessions) cover
- Presentation on Lifesupport & AED
- Basic lifesupport / AED demonstration
- Hands on practical
- Q&A session
We then can either facilitate attendees at lifesupport / AED certificate courses or arrange to host one at their venue

With the sheer volume of requests at the moment we will be looking to train a support team and new TA - this wil be open to both RLSS members and STHOEE members

we are also on the verge of making another massive announcement in this area ........ mums the word

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Don't say it - Winter Timetable

Back to the winter timetable - and another busy Sunday

Another AED Course under our belt well done to all attendees - new courses for those who have out their name down Sunday on the Noticeboard

Theory is back - massive turnout times settled at 6.30 and 7.30 from now on (no swim bank holiday)

Wild first hour with the new recruits doing what seemed like army drill - looked like fun and was certainly hilarious from the other side of the pool

Seniors got down to some serious business - Birthday night - ideas to blog, website or to Jen & CiarĂ¡n (our very own ant n' dec)

"AT, TA and volunteer staff if you have not yet confirmed details to kate you need to be in contact this week - if you are not sure just speak with Kate - she will give you any guidance you need.

S3 - We are still working on the new session - as well as pool, aed and TA courses , one job at a time!

Anyone looking for more information on the AED sponsorship from apache pizza can grab a card from us or visit the website on

Things are going great - keep up the good work !