Friday, October 30, 2015

Back to the pool 630 Sunday

We are in the pool from 630 Sunday for a full night.

See you Sunday!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bank holiday

No bank holiday swim but were back the week after for normal swim

For those of you that are having their first term with us November is special. A couple of things happen, probably most important is sthoee birthday, this will be over a few nights again this year.

Classes also start focusing on assessments, your teacher will work with you on this. And lastly, most important you will focus on first aid , why?

Blood night is coming and this year it's very different,  historically its been about vampire and zombie attacks, this year it's going to be very,very different.... more soon

Happy birthday to Niall and Peter,

Enjoy the bank holiday!

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Making Sundays easy .....

We're fully back in the swing of things on Sundays, heres a little housekeeping to help make Sundays flow better for everyone!

please remember
we value your time and will not allow latecomers interrupt classes
Pick up is no later than 15 minutes after class end time 

630 start , pool 720 pick up by 830
720 start , pool 805 pick up by 9.15
late swim pick up by 9.40 
no swims on bank holidays 

our pick-up and drop off is inside at DCU reception 
parents are responsible for supervision if pick up or drop off is anywhere else 

we are happy for first hour swimmer to stay poolside for pick up after a later swim if there is a sibling in the later class 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

important information for all swimmers / parents ignore at your peril !!!!

Welcome to all our new swimmers, welcome back to all our existing team,  
September went quickly  …… we’re back to a full calendar in October.

Dryside lifesaving kicks off on Sunday so remember to come on time 

from this Sunday 

 Swim 1 - 6.30 kick off finish 8.15 pick up by 8.30
 Swim 2 - 7.20 kick off pick up by 9.15
 Swim 3 – late swim pick up by 9.40

late arrivals will be asked to sit out a class
- swimmers must be able to clear the changing room 15 minutes after a swim 

please remember we start / finish at the reception in DCU - collect inside rather than on the road.

Parents - if there is a change to our plans we update the blog /email  first, .., if the information is not there  it’s probably not accurate .......  
......the rule of thumb is that that if a statement begins with “apparently”, ”I  heard”, “someone told someone”, “I think”/ thought”, “Fred’s mother said  that …..”’s generally not true - check it online

 Waiting lists are in operation across all sessions - you can still register here or drop us a line here. 

 finally, thanks and  best wishes to crew members MC and CD who are testing out new beaches  in the States and Europe – see you on the beach anon