Sunday, February 22, 2009

How tides work? its as simple as 1:2:3:3:2:1

When we hit spring senior members start looking at how the summer’s tides will affect us.

On the east coast the vast majority of beaches are greatly affected by tide with three notable exceptions Killiney Beach, 40 foot & Capstains Skerries, all of which you can get a swim on pretty much anytime. Claremount Beach in Howth is very tidal.

Knowing how tides work allow us to plan good timings for the boat launch, laying lines and anchors for buoys and plan training sessions for example you are more likely to run when the beach isn’t full of water, or more likely skim-board when the tide is at its lowest ebb on Claremount.

Everything you need to know about tides is contained in our tide section, take a look and see if you can answer the following three questions

How do I get the tide times for Dublin?
What does tidal height mean?
What is the rule of twelfths?

Dublin tide timetables
available for all members at the door on Sunday.

Dates for your diary
Sat June 20th – DART run to the 40 foot to celebrate the end of exams
Sat June 27th – “Island Raid ‘09” when we take Ireland’s Eye for our own

This weekend the Dublin Beach Guide by will have its four thousandth visitor

BTW did u notice our new logo's first outing ? more soon

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Social Circuit - spread the word

or in Englisg sthoee's Seán Arthur & Conor Mckenna's band Social Circuithave a big weekend

Social Circuit are launching their first single this Saturday (21st) in Radio City.

€10 at the door or €8 for a ticket off a member. There are three support acts playing The Side Street Doormats, The Buck Mulligan Band,The Belafonts and the gig will be followed by apremixed Dj set by Eberhart.

Our single will be on sale for the first time that night. For further information and a preview of the single check out or

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lifeguards - Just add water

Winter is nearly over and its time to build towards summer.

Extra swims for all members wanting to build fitness, improve skills and train for Lifeguard courses & jobs

Every Sunday from 9 , for all sthoee swimmers and volunteers .........

....... all you need to do is bring a bottle of water and a little enthusiasm

The rest is on us

x x x