Monday, October 5, 2020

A level 3 update

We wish this was better news.

The sthoee return to pool questionnaire is sitting ready to go when we have something approaching white smoke but.... until we have some better news we will keep our powder dry.

We are at level 3  - Under level 3/4/5 we do not have access to the pool for group training. Under level 2/1 we will have severely reduced class numbers, new process around protective measures, cleaning and how classes will operate.

One of the questions on the questionnaire was to ask you all to send in any questions that you have so that we could go through them on a zoom call with everyone, with today's news why wait … send on questions to

Also every year we celebrate a birthday in early November, if you have ideas for how this might be celebrated remotely throw them onto we need something to look forward to

The crew continue to meet remotely every week, we've had some great problem solving for how the future might look . We need to get wet, we need a mix of live and online learning, we need it to be fun, we need everyone motivated, we need to celebrate an engagement and a heap of birthdays, we need to surf. 

We miss you

We will be together again