Thursday, May 29, 2008

Open Water Lifesaving - June Bank Holiday Monday

Open Water Lifesaving - June Bank Holiday Monday

Its on

Monday 10.30 Claremont

wetsuit if you have one
Brightly coloured cap
old runners or bootles , something for your feet
Sense of humour

Boats, skis, and a little lunacy

all members, all welcome

Rock & Roll

Directions !
zoom in !!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

ABC - AED, Beach, CPR.....

This is just silly.

Busy day, new AED implementation in Wicklow with just about as enthusiastic a group of people as you could have . Community based AED is a shot in the arm, when you do it three times a week its addictive. (and our first Wicklow implementation!)

If you are a club member at any level and want to get involved just shout.

Straight back to DCU and a further full course with a great group and some fun initiatives !

We are ramping up to summer as we speak open water getting close and we are planning a few surprises for launching day

Congats to the new beach lifeguards, AEDs, thanks to the support team and good luck to the gang doing exams


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sthoee Lifesaving Dublin

We get asked why we don't update the site so often - are we not up to much?

Its actually the other way around. Sine the last update we have assisted in implementing heaps of new AED including our first in Meath and Cork, have started the beach programme, launched the boat programme. Its likely this year that we will do more AED than water awards , quite incredible.

The big news is that this week we will be contacting a segment of the waiting list for a restricted entry.

Big coastguard event in Howth this weekend - head out if you get the chance.

its the best time of year for sthoee, we have picked our our new BBQ, another new set of mannekins arrived yesterday and some fun plans for greater community interaction.

keep up the good work and if you are in exam mode - we're rooting 4u (but make sure that Mark knows you are coming back!)

take care & Happy Pangea Day