Thursday, September 15, 2022

Return, Induction and wait-list update

Hi all

It's Good to be back ....just a quick update on where we are on return to the pool induction and waitlist.

Existing swimmers are already back If you've not signed up to return please complete the return form so that we hold your space for this Sunday

We have emailed all request for places for siblings this evening so if you have applied just follow the instructions if you've not received an email please send us a WhatsApp before Saturday and we will get in touch

We've also emailed a small number of people from the waitlist who have been patient since early Covid days ....if you've received the email just follow the instructions and we look forward to meeting you

Finally if you have not heard from us and you have applied for a place just give us a week or so to get our ducks in a row as we find age appropriate spaces for you , we will be in touch with everybody through next week

Thanks !